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Amos at Westchester Swap Shop, 2015
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Ware Dancing for Freedom
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Artist, CEO Amos A. Frazer
Samantha in the Newed
Warefamos Is Here


Warefamos is a semi eponymous moniker, portmanteau and play on words that takes its parts from the suffix/prefix 'ware' notably  soft 'ware', hard 'ware', 'ware' house. The concept makes a subtle nod to growth of the company via the contraction of ‘we are’ emphasizing the sense of collective strength garnered from ancestors and iterations of community. Another contraction; ‘where are’ alludes to the power of interrogation, placement and location. Finally, the mobilizing power of art is given literal context when the function of wear ability is considered and the verb 'wear' transforms in anagram style to 'ware'. WAREFAMOS enjoys the space in the transition between the concrete and the abstract.

The prefix ware is followed by the initial of the artist’s surname providing the *eff (F) as a consonant connector facilitating an umbrella term for products originating from or helped along by Amos A. Frazer, CEO of Warefamos.


Offering specialty wall paper, graphic design, and an expanding range of printing and creative direction services, trend forecasting, events and workshops. Ware working from a little studio in Brooklyn, New York City.


It was the the fall semester of 2007 at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Amos was finishing registration for courses and met an opportunity to fulfill an art elective requirement. Wanting to explore screen printing for sometime at that point, having first been introduced to it some years earlier via conversations his mother had been having with the administration of her two youngest children's elementary school, about how to award the winners of a drawing contest the family of teachers there had facilitated.

"I remember her making the suggestion to create screen print copies of their art on t-shirts!"

Amos fell in love with the process of printmaking by hand.
Witness to his diligence at completing assignment after assignment, supportive classmates and professor’s encouraged Amos.

"They suggested that maybe I should try selling my work. One student asking what the name of my company would be is the question that ultimately inspired me to develop Warefamos as my brand name. My college at the time was promoting a flea market dedicated to makers within the school community. I decided to participate in several of the flea markets before I set up a table the following summer in Union Square, a great sidewalk for traffic from the streets of NYC."

Each tee shirt print is a unique product. The hand painted silkscreen process allows the artist to produce durable multiples from original designs. You can view the first edition of SKY COLLECTION (2014)  here

Follow more facets of progress on instagram @that_television_show + @warefamos
on tumblr

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